About Us

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Stetson embodies the authentic and resourceful American spirit. Rich in history, ever evolving and timeless. With a focus on meeting the needs of the future generations of adventurers and great legends in the making. We strive to provide well made products that only improve with age. 

While travelling across the Wild West, John B. Stetson passed on his hat to a wayward traveler and so the iconic ‘cowboy hat’ was born. Since establishing the John B. Stetson Company in 1865, Stetson has remained the global leader in head-wear, creating quality products while staying true to its American roots. 

Today, Stetson is a household name in America with over 150 years of heritage and prestige. Stetson Australia is proud to bring the Legend of the Wild West to the Australian market. Delivering hand crafted hats, our timeless designs built to last. Using many of the same techniques as John B. did himself back in the 1865, we take pride in the rich history and ever evolving nature of the Stetson brand. We strive to provide functional hats with lasting style fit for everyday Australia lifestyle.