A Visit From The Banks Brothers

Stetson Australia hats - the Banks Brothers Story
Stetson Australia Hats Presents The Banks Brothers
Growing up with musical parents, it's safe to say that creativity runs in their veins. From a young age the brothers developed an interest in country music and bluegrass spending their time playing guitar, banjo and pedal steel guitar.
Meeting the Brothers for the first time, you'd be hard pressed to find a friendlier duo. Their passion for country music and all round Americana style is not just reflected through their art but emanates into their everyday style. 

Amongst his many performances and professional accomplishments, Zane can be found playing with artists such as Michael Carpenter, the Banks Bros and the Morrisons. 

"Stetson is an iconic brand, it's transcended being merely just a hat. It's a symbol of country music and representative of an entire way of life" - Dr Zane Banks

Jy-Perry boasts an impressive resume of performances and collaborations taking him to wild and wonderful cities around the world. Also featuring in the Banks Bros, Jy spends much of his time playing pedal steel, dobro, guitar and tuba as a busy session artist.

"For me Stetson hats aren't just hats, it's a tradition, a legacy and a lifestyle. Ever since I was a young boy playing cowboys, I always wanted a Stetson; now I have several and they are the perfect accessories to any outfit, rain, hail or shine" - Jy- Perry Banks

When having the Brothers visit Stetson Australia HQ it was clear to see that their passion runs deep and their talent seemingly endless. 
Stetson Australia Story - the Banks Brothers
You can follow the Brothers on social media - 
Jy-Perry Banks - @steelinhearts
Dr. Zane M. Banks - @therevdoctor